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Fine Jewellery and Antiques
Fine Jewellery and Antiques

Made to order Signet Rings

At Objets d'Art we have a selection of different signet rings in a variety of styles and alloys for you to choose from. We have a supplier who casts almost any style and shape of signet ring, producing your own made to measure ring. Casting rings requires the pouring of molten precious metals into a mould, many years ago cast rings weren't often up to the high standards we expect from jewellery today. However, casting techniques and equipment have improved to give perfect results every time. We use an English based company for all of our signet rings and have done for many years. In all the years we have never received a faulty cast ring. For more information or for an estimate, come and see us in store.

Once we have received your signet ring we will make sure it fits you perfectly before discussing the options of engraving. Our London based, hand engravers use traditional techniques to produce seal engravings, entwined monograms and personal inscriptions. For more information on engraving, CLICK HERE or come in and see us in store.

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